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Masseuse's Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Masseuse's Age: 25
Date of Masseuse's Post: 2011-08-04 06:01:00
Everyone can benefit from a massage. In today's busy world it is a blessing to be able to find a massage therapist that treats her job as a quest to heal. There is something in my heart and soul which desires to heal. If your shoulders are stiff or if you lower back stings you'll definitely benefit from a massage by me.My intention is pure while I massage. My only intention is to relax, heal, and promote circulation in your body. A good relaxing massage should make you feel like anoodle. I'll use my hands to push all the blood (which carries nutrients to the cells) back to the heart and I'll pull any tension out through your fingertips and toes.Each time you see me the sessions will evolve. I have training in the tantric arts, but these can not be achieved within one session. If we progress to the next level through extended sessions I can introduce you to a world of enhanced enjoyment.I am a trained massage therapist. I utilize many techniques, such as effluerage, petrissage, and vibration. Most of my massages are swedish in nature, but I can do a deep tissue massage if needed. I love massage because I feel like I am contributing to good health and healing. I feel very rewarded when I make a participant relax and feel better. I am very compassionate and caring.
Sessions are conducted in a cool, comfortable & upscale environment, and confidentiality is absolute.
Early morning sessions available via pre-booking.
1 Hour 120
90 Minutes 175
Prostate Massage Treatment. BEST IN TOWN
Light Fetish
*Sincere, courteous Inquiries Only*
Donation should always be left in Plain view once arriving. To avoid any uncomfortable exchangesAlso this Massage ONLY. You will leave HAPPY!!!Please visit my website for more details and pics....
Me and my friends are on EasySex soooo you can find us all on there if you want... Kneedyou2

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